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Gutter Protection

We have researched many gutter guard products so that you won’t have to. We have determined that Alu-Rex is by far the best solution, which is why we offer it exclusively to our clients. The Alu-Rex DoubleProTM Microfiltration and the T-Rex gutter guard are a continuous fastening system for eavestroughs. It mounts your eavestroughs solidly on your home, making them much sturdier and more long-lasting than those mounted with spikes and ferrules, or even the hidden hangers we utilize when homeowners choose not to install gutter guards. This continuous fastening system also protects your eavestroughs from damage caused by snow and ice, as well as keeping leaves and debris from getting into and clogging your eavestroughs and downpipes.


Double Pro Microfiltration Continuous Hanger

Reynold Bros is proud to offer you the latest technology on the market: the DoubleProTM Microfiltration Continuous Hanger. This dual-action gutter guard is built to keep your gutter free of ice and debris. The offset holes of the ECLIPSE technology make it the perfect filter, allowing water to drain freely while blocking pines needles and leaves. The double membrane is covered by the most extensive warranty on the market: a lifetime warranty on materials, durability and clog-free performance. The only warranty that covers pine areas.



T-Rex Continuous Hanger

Reynold Bros is certified for installing T-Rex® from Alu-Rex, an innovative gutter maintenance system with a series of grates designed to keep your gutters straight and clean for years to come. T-Rex® continuous hangerTM comes with a lifetime warranty covering robustness and defects in materials. This system prevents ice from penetrating inside the gutter and helps water drain away while extending the life of your gutters by making them stronger, from end to end.