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No home improvement transforms a house as dramatically and cost effectively as siding. From simple homes to commercial buildings, we supply your choice of siding products on new constructions, renovations and custom home projects. We proudly provide an award-winning expert team of installers.  Reynolds Brothers Exteriors work is backed by our top-rated customer service for a simple and dependable project completion every time.  

  • siding will improve your home’s curb appeal significantly
  • improve the look and feel of your home
  • many products will add an insulation R factor
  • colour palettes to match your vision of the perfect home

*There are numerous colour options and they vary by suppliers

Vinyl Siding
Using Vinyl, carries the benefit of choosing one of the most popular siding materials in the country. Over 30% of the Canadian households choose within the range of vinyl siding. Apart from the weather resistance, functionality factor of the vinyl-siding, the product comes in a variety of colours, and if you are considering selling your home, vinyl siding is a good choice for advertising the lifelong durability of your home’s exterior. A worthy investment.

Maibec Siding 
Maibec is a North American benchmark for residential and commercial integrated siding systems. Our complete range of innovative and complementing siding products offer superior and proven quality. Reflect your preference for authenticity and for quality, durable materials in harmony with nature, regardless of architectural style.

KWP by Kaycan
KWP is a leading sustainable and ecologically conscious manufacturer of quality wood siding and trim board. At KWP, we continue to design and innovate our product line to keep pace with an ever changing environment. Our success is measured by our ability not only to meet but to exceed our customer’s expectations while maintaining the highest level of integrity and environmental responsibility.

Celect by Royal Building
There’s a whole other level to siding. It’s called Celect® by Royal®. Engineered to elevate your entire home exterior with gorgeous, virtually seamless looks, Celect is durable, virtually maintenance free and compatible with any home design.  So as it’s being energy efficient, low maintenance and durable, it’s also attracting curb appeal attention with authentic-looking design.