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Soffit & Fascia

Soffit and Fascia are an important component in protecting your home against the elements as well as wildlife. Vented soffits will help keep your home cooler in the summer and help prevent large icicles from forming in the winter. Having properly vented soffits is essential in improving attic temperatures.  Generally, if there are issues with a home’s soffit or fascia, there will be several clues.  The following are signs to look for that would indicate the need for a soffit or fascia repair or replacement: sagging wood, rotting wood, eavestrough leakage and conspicuously moist areas on the interior walls of your residence.

  • Improper ventilation leads to higher energy consumption
  • Attic temperatures can reach 180°F during summer months
  • Maintaining proper ventilation is essential in reducing the ice-dams which form along the lower roof edges during the winter
  • Proper ventilation helps prevent moisture which reduces the likelihood of mould growth
  • Available in vented or solid
  • Corrosion resistant and maintenance free
  • Several color choices available, as well as 3 different panel sizes
  • Provides a beautiful curb appeal and long-lasting home finish

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